TaeBo Workouts

I remember when the TaeBo workouts first came out and they soon became a household name in a short period. If you are a beginner starting out on one of these videos then you are certainly going to feel the burn because Billy Blank puts on a masterful challenging workout. The Great thing about Billy Blanks videos is that he starts out with such an inspirational message at the beginning you just feel that he wants to help you. I was watching an infomercial recently and purchased a set of TaeBo workout videos. The first one is full of instruction an explains in detail the major moves that Billy fulfills in all of his DVD's. Every exercise starts out at a slow pace then the speed increases so you will be in sync with Billy and the people around him once the workout starts. You will learn all of the cool downs and warm ups that are common to all of his workouts. This is an essential workout if you are to move to the other TaeBo workouts.

The next workout is less than thirty minutes and it is very basic. I love the fact that Billy Banks continuously gives inspirational messages throughout the video which tend to get your mind off of how hard you are working. Before I knew it I was covered with sweat. There is something on there called strobe lighting, which was very interesting to workout with but actually quite fun.

If you are not familiar with high intense aerobics then the advanced workout is going to be a challenge for you. This workout starts fast at the very beginning and lasts for almost an hour. The first time you workout to this one, unless you are a serious athletic buff, you will be sore the next day. Believe it or not, with all the energy that Billy and his crew exhibit and gets you involved in, it is actually fun. The greatest thing about doing these workouts is that you start to notice results fast. I enjoyed the fact that there are people of different ages, heights, and body types all working out hard.

The reviews I read about on this product were mostly positive from videoitness.com and all talked about how they really achieved a great workout and how they sweated profusely. There was one review that said that Billy does not complete the same number of reps per side, and when I used the DVD the next time I noticed that too. Overall I think this is a very great product and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a powerful workout that is fun and inspirational.

Source by Lisa Grier

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