Teenage Body Building – Must Have Tips for the Young and Eager

In the younger years when people are teenagers, their body is their weapon when it comes to excelling in sports and other physical activities. If you are thinking about becoming a bodybuilder, you have to be mindful that this kind of sport demands complete commitment and a lot of hard work.

In terms of time and effort, teenage bodybuilding is as demanding as adult bodybuilding, although it asserts the young up-and-coming athlete to build character as well as perseverance that will carry on with them into their more mature years as well as outside of the gym.

Here are some realities in terms of teenage bodybuilding that all younger people considering getting into the sport should bear in mind.

Physical Growth

One of the most significant facts for any younger person considering getting into the sport is that during the ages 14-17, a person's body is still growing, and because of that added stress administered onto growing bones may cause permanent damage to the body. Because of this, it is a wise decision for a young athlete to follow healthy and safe measures when they are first starting out to body build.

Steps to Bodybuilding

The majority of trainers will stress that training teenage bodybuilding first calls for determining the athletes type of body. While some individuals have a thinner frame and discover that it is hard to put on weight (often called ectomorph) other individuals find it easier to put on fat and muscle more easily, and may need to focus more on their diet (endomorph).

Working along the lines of the teenagers type of body is the best course of action for determining what they require so that they can end up being a more successful bodybuilder.

When it comes to teenage bodybuilding, diet is one of the more significant aspects to consider. It is very important for the athlete to keep up with the proper nutrition because the body is still in a growth phase at this age range.

One plan of diet is to eat six meals a day, utilizing the 40-40-20 system, 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates, and finally 20 percent fat. additionally, it is important after you are done working out to have an take of 25-10-5 version of this system to aid your body in recovering in a quick manner.

For teenagers the actual workout itself must begin slowly. Doing workouts four days a week, and hitting as many body parts as possible at least one time a week is a key factor to stimulating each muscle group to trigger building factors as an effect of the stress from bodybuilding.

Just as significant as the above listed steps, resting is another consideration for teenage bodybuilding. A good nights sleep, with a minimum of 6-8 hours a night, is significant, due to the fact that this is when the body grows.

In the final analysis, teenage bodybuilding should be a graduate as well as careful progress, because the teenage years are when the growing body is most susceptible to lasting damage. It is a wise course of action for any teenager to consult with their trainer or coach if they make the decision to pursue bodybuilding.


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