Ten Things You Must Know About Stott Pilates Toning Ball

For Pilates students, having a pilates equipments like Stott Pilates Toning Ball is a good choice. This tool makes easier the exercise and raising the performance. But before get the one, have a knowledge about this for ten things.

1. Take a consult your certified instructors before purchasing any pilates equipment. Use them only the pilates teacher given advised.

2. You should guarantee the maintenance and frequently replacing the Stott Pilates and its components. Ask the users manual to determine the schedule of replacement parts.

3. Stott Pilates Toning Ball have two pounds weight and added 1.8 pounds weight when shipped. This is a ball, so the height, length and width are the same as 4 inch.

4. To gain maximum results, get two balls not a single ball only. And ensure both have the same weight and same size. Sometimes the weight difference is not noticeable so see scrutiny.

5. The ball is created for developing strength and can be used into pilates, yoga, and aerobic classes.

6. This Stott is produced from soft and durable vinyl shell and filled by the sand. So the weight shifts slightly when the student use them.

7. Not included a battery

8. The buyers get a 30-day warranty. So if your ball not inflatable or hard as rock and could not make it happen even took it by using air compressor, have a returned as soon as possible.

9. Stott Pilates produce three color in this product. Purple for one pound, blue for two and green for three pounds. The price each color under $ 16.

10. To using the ball in real exercise you can purchase a Stott Pilates DVD. You can a pick up Amazing Tone DVD, Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Lite DVD Gift Pack or The Secret to Toned Thighs.

So, if you decide to purchase this one, get a pilates mat too to keep safety.

Source by Nurum Mukharum Mawan

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