The 3 Biggest Mistakes Wrestlers Make

When you are training for any sport you need to keep in mind what it is your are trying to accomplish. Wrestlers have specific needs that need to be focused on in training sessions to maximize their time. You can’t afford to waste time and energy in the strength and conditioning room or anywhere else for that matter. I am going to tell you something that will be obvious to some so I apologize for that but will be news to others so I am going to straighten some things out for you. This may result in a personal trainer being fired or hiring a strength and conditioning coach to help you change the way you train. So here are the three biggest mistakes wrestlers make when training.

1. Training like a bodybuilder- This is a big mistake because most wrestlers tend to look like bodybuilders so why not pick up a muscle mag and see how to train right? Not even close bud, you are an athlete and a very specific athlete at that. Your needs for your muscles are to be explosive and functional, flexible and strong, fast twitch and full of all kinds of endurance. You need to train things like your hands and forearms that you will rarely read about in those magazines and need an expert to tell you where to put that in your program along with how to sneak it into the program.

2. Training like a powerlifter- Now don’t get too excited, I agree there is a need for this and a time for this and I use it in my programs at and at the ATC but not for powerlifting reasons but for pure strength for a wrestler. Some powerlifting is absolutely necessary but to train like a powerlifter for wrestling is crazy!

3. Running- Going for long slow jogs is not going to get your body ready for wrestling and beats up on your knees and feet and spine, you can get much more out of anaerobic training on airdynes or slideboards or sprints. I hope this helps and look forward to sharing more information with you. Go out there and win!!

Source by Brian Silfies

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