The Best Form Of Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity is the best way of keeping fit and healthy. There are so many different forms the majority of which are free! Have you tried water aerobics or aqua aerobics? Maybe you prefer a more traditional aerobic exercise like step aerobics or dance aerobics. Do not forget any kind of exercise which increases the heartbeat is an aerobic exercise, even fast walking but obviously some are more effective at increasing your aerobic fitness than others.

However should you find yourself sitting on your couch all the time and feeling emotionally uninspired, then maybe you should do something about it and start to exercise, if so try some aerobic activity to start with. This is a great choice of exercise for fitness to start with as it's enjoyable and you can even encourage a friend or two to keep you company. You'll be surprised how much fun it is and you'll be getting aerobic exercise at the same time.

This type of activity uses the larger muscles which helps you maintain a fitter and healthy lifestyle. One small word of caution although before you pull on your trainers and get started with any aerobic activity. Make sure if you have any kind of medical issues that you check with your physicist first. It's always better to be safe than sorry and maybe damage your health. If your doc gives you the go ahead for aerobic exercise then check out the different types of exercise that will get your heart going as your heart performance is a vital part of aerobic activity. Maybe try water aerobics first as it is low intensive before trying step aerobics or dance aerobics which are a little more high intensive.

You'll discover that there are a huge number of ways to exercise that you might have tried at one time or another, that are aerobic in nature. Cycling, walking, dance, swimming or even skating are popular forms of aerobic activity that large numbers use to get their muscles pumping, and their heart rate up. Always use a light warm up first and give your body and muscles a stretch. When you are finished have a warm down period too enabling you to stretch your muscles. Of course all of these activities can be done on your own but if you can find a friend to tag along all the better as not only they are company but you can motivate each other to maintain your aerobic activity.

Aerobic exercise will help you maintain an increased heart rate and help increase your breathing capacity too while providing exercise to your large muscles which combined will not only make you feel better but look better too. The benefits to your health provided by aerobic activity are numerous. Blood pressure is reduced, and the arteries and vessels all over your body are invigorated with oxygenated blood. Bad cholesterol is lowered, and your body becomes trimmed and toned due to the weight loss and your fitness will improve with aerobic activity. If you are at risk from diabetes, then an extra benefit of aerobic activity is that it can reduce your chances of getting it.

To get the most benefit from aerobic activity you should try to exercise at least 3 or 4 times a week. It is especially beneficial if you vary the types of aerobic exercise you use as performing different exercises ensures that all muscles are worked, and that you do not get bored. When doing the exercise make sure to set up sets of all your different forms, and repeat them at least 7 times. Monitor your heart rate with an aerobic activity guideline based on your age and goals. You can get one from your doctor, or anywhere on the Internet.

In just a couple of months you'll feel the difference that exercise makes to your life. Even so there is no need to rush, take your time and gradually build up the level of exercise. You will be amazed by how much better you look and feel once you start your aerobic activity.

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