The Big 7 – Myths About Ab Training

Many people including bodybuilders will vouch for the fact that the abs are the most desirable muscles in the human anatomy. There is really nothing much to argue about here. A good six-pack will always receive stares of admiration. What is really involved in the creation of the perfect abs? There are many gym myths and half truths out there about six-pack development. Here are some of the most popular:

The abs need to be worked for hours on end if they are to be exposed. This is one gym myth that needs to be done with once and for all. Staying in the gym for long hours is very counterproductive to the development of these muscles because this may lead to muscle wasting. Not only will you start to lose muscle but you will get weaker as a result.

The use of fat burners will help get rid of fats in the abdominal area. This is another very misunderstood issue. What people should understand is that fat is never lost selectively but rather it is lost from the entire body. What you have to do is to engage in training that will help you achieve total fat loss. Fat burners are not effective in losing of fats. The best thing is to eat from a healthy and balanced diet.

A strict diet is required for ab gains. This is also not true. The best way to target the abs will be to find ways of lowering the sodium content of the diet, to lower the unhealthy fats and the sugars, to drink lots of water and to stick to a disciplined training regime. Be creative with the foods that you eat but ensure that these are healthy choices.

Training with weights will lead to a greater exposure of the abs. the abs are feasible muscles in that they do not require the intervention of weights for the increase in size. The abs do not increase in size that much so do not waste your effort. The best way to expose the abs is by getting rid of the layer of fat that covers them and you will be good to go.

Since I work out I can eat fatty meals and burn them off. This will be counter productive to the gains that you will already have made in terms of weight loss. During workouts you are probably unable to burn off more than half of the calories that you take in. as a result you will have excesses that will simply add to the layers of fat in the occupied area and therefore you will never get the most out of your ab regimen.

Using sit-ups is bad for your back. It is simply not true because many of the motors that we do on a daily basis including getting out of bed are forms of sit-ups. You should do these correctly to avoid the likelihood of harming your back.

Doing sit-ups daily will get you ripped abs. Ripped abs are not gotten from the exercises, they are gotten from the food that you eat. The exercises only serve to make the abs stronger.


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