The Complete Overall Athlete

If your dream has always been to be a well rounded athlete, then you have, no doubt, already familiarized yourself with the fundamentals, which go way above standard training at a local gym.

While, for most people, an exhaustive training session 3 to 5 times a week, combined with some other type of sport is usually plenty, there are those, out there, who strive to become more, who wish to achieve the level of elite athlete . While this is entirely doable, it also means including additional components to the training sessions – such as speed, agility and functional training. These additional training methods are considered, for most of us, above and beyond "the call" – but, can be extremely beneficial for those who are looking to challenge their bodies and minds to new heights.

Agility and speed training definitely go hand in hand. While speed training is, of course, about increasing speed – it also focuses on "how well" each movement is performed, therefore challenging our body's agility and ability to move quickly, all the while while maintaining a high level of efficiency.

Agility training is extremely specific and aims at improving motor skills, controlling the body in motion, as well as synchronization of movements in time, all the while maintaining or increasing your speed and form.

Agility training is an excellent training method for athletes who participate in any type of sport and has been proven to improve coordination, speed and endurance in any sport you practice – whether you are a professional or an amateur playing at the local hockey rink or in the major arenas.

One of the more interesting aspects of agility training is that it also offers excellent training for any day to day movements you perform. Because this training focuses on both the physical and the mental, you may find that you are sharper and that you can perform your daily activities, away from the gym or playing field, with more speed, enthusiasm and more energy.

Overall, agility training can benefit just about anyone – in just about any situation. If you are looking for something that will make you feel better, healthier and leaner, then you will definitely want to incorporate agility training into your workouts.


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