The Extremism of Bodybuilders and What it Has to Do With Building Muscle and Getting Rid of Fat

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilders are also extremists? Can we simply say that their extremism helps them with their body building? Or maybe it’s that bodybuilding inevitably compels them to become extremists? Whichever is true, we cannot deny the fact that the bodybuilders go for the extreme.

During the period in which they are gaining weight or bulking up, bodybuilders take in higher amounts of calories than the usual for them to become bigger. These people usually do this in an out of control or do as they please manner. They don’t care whether the food they eat is healthy or not as long as they take in large amounts of food. This is certainly a face of the bodybuilder being an extremist.

What the body does is that it immediately stores all the extra calories as fat and considers these fat deposits as ‘gold reserves.’ The body then utilizes all the needed nutrients and calories for its different processes such as cell repair and maintenance. After which, it opts to store as fats all the excess calories and nutrients.

Bodybuilders who are still in their beginning phase aim to practice two things at the same time: get rid of fat, and build muscle. It is important to remember though that lifting weights will not actually result to loss of weight even if it causes muscle gain. Bodybuilding starters who need to lower their weight will have to reduce their calorie intake and do aerobic exercises that don’t cause muscle buildup.

Source by James J. Anderson

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