The Guide For Building Firmer Thighs and Tighter Glutes

I know how uncomfortable it feels when you walk around in a loose skirt and feel like the skirt is not the only thing that needs tightening. Ironically, did you know that there are people who like them big! Well, what can I say, one man's meat … while I can not promise that the results will be visible in a day, because that's just crazy, I can even promise you this much; there's no miracle pill for instant results either.

It goes without saying that in order to prevent more fat from being stored around your thighs and ass, you need to reduce your calorie intake. Now that we've established that you have to quit the chips, cookies and ice cream tabs, we can proceed to the actual exercise.

  • Squats

These have proven to be a gold mine in effecting firming the thighs and ass. For this exercise you will need a barbell. With your feet apart, place the barbell on your shoulders. Bend your knees and go lower and lower until you're fully squat.

  • Leg Press

For this you will require a leg press machine. Lie down on your back on its seat, push the load with both feet and unlock the safety pads. Lower the load gradually and then push it back up.

  • Lunge

For this exercise you will require dumbbells. Hold a pair firmly in your hands and bend your rear knee towards the floor without moving your legs. Repeat it often then switch legs.

  • Leg Curl

It goes without saying that you'll require a leg curl machine. Lie on the leg curl machine with your face facing down. Lift the weight. Ensure that your instructor takes a look at your technique to see if it's correct. The best of body builders make the simple mistakes that add up to poor technique.

  • Leg Extension

Sit on the leg extension machine and ensure that your back is flat and well supported. Stretch out your legs and straighten them and hold that position for about a second before you slowly reverse. As your muscles get used to it, you can increase the pause from one second to as long as your muscles can take but do not strain yourself.

  • Hip Abduction

As the name suggests; this machine and technique deals specifically with the hips. While positioned at the hip abduction machine, open and close your legs against selected resistance. Increase this resistance with time as your muscles become stronger and in effect your thighs become firmer. Begin by placing the inner part of your knee on the pads and your feet on the platform, then after completing your sets, place the outer side of your on the pads and repeat the same.

Your body is not a machine that can be switched on and off at will.

Start easy with small weights, as you become a pro and your body can attest to that, increase the weights. If you come up with a good workout program and stick to it, you will see and feel the difference in about 3 months if not less.


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