The Magic Weapon of the Muscle Builder & Ace Athlete

The word Zenith is a word that is severely used. Why? Possibly because it denotes the peak of anything that is hard to reach; the highest point of any endeavor or achievement. Are you chasing to be an ace athlete or to achieve a stunning physique? Do you want peak performance? Do you know what it takes to be one? I ask because a lot of people are wishful thinkers, they never achieve what they say they would, what about you?

If you really want to be an ace athlete or body builder you will have to work towards becoming a first class, a role model, a champion, a legend. Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve this? Really, it is not difficult to achieve any feat one sets his mind on if you are willing to submit yourself fully and wholeheartedly towards this aim. However, every aim has requirements, you have to meet these requirements before you can get what you want. According to Napoleon Hill, he said life is just and he gives you exactly what you deserve and ask from it. This is a fact of life.

If you want to be a muscle builder or an ace athlete, you need to set goals. Goals is like a vision, a target, and you need to aim very well to typically target your goal and reach it. Now, if you have a goal already set, let's find your purpose.

What makes you want to be an ace athlete or muscle builder?
What are you trying to prove?
What motivation gave rise to your goal?
What are your driving forces to make you want to be an ace athlete or muscle builder?
What prompts your desires to be an ace athlete or muscle builder?
What need do you intend to put of your pending ace status when you reach it?
Do you understand what you are doing?
What is your goal, aim, objective?

What are your answers?

If you say that you want to improve yourself, then your answer is good.

Are you making any efforts to plan on how to reach your goals? If so what are those plans? Are they valid? Are they based on solid foundation of knowledge in this area? Is your information sound, trustworthy, reliable? If so what volume do you have?

Questions, and questions all seeking for your answers. But where are the answers? Only you can supply them.

However, what I will say is that for every goal, there is an action plan for it, backed up by consistent efforts to make it a reality. Without these ingredients, then you have nothing. It is vital that as you go on implementing your strategies in your action plan, that you keep asking yourself the above questions, the answers will serve as sufficient motivation to help you reach your final destination.

On the other hand if i ask you the above questions, and you can not answer nor make any efforts to achieve, then reading this article is a waste of time for you.


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