The Truth About Personal Training – An Industry Insider Speaks His Mind

Fitness is an enormous industry. Many unscrupulous people aim to take a piece of the industry by holding back essential information or flat out dispensing bad information. On occasion, these untruthful “fitness” businesses will get in trouble because of their actions, but more often than not, there are no consequences. It’s the consumer’s responsibility to be informed so they may keep themselves from harm. This report was made so that those seeking to get in shape may learn the usual tactics employed by less than reputable fitness companies and thereby avoid them. Investigate the fitness programs you find interesting, and be aware of these red flags.

They Advocate Extreme Supplement Usage

After already paying a large sign up fee fitness programs often expect you to pay additionally for wasteful supplements. As is frequent with these scams, they lure customers in with promises of an ideal body shape in a short period of time at a low cost. After being taken in, the consumer is often faced with the necessity of buying supplements at high cost. Be aware of all costs before singing anything. Tedious as it may be, it’s important to read the fine print. Ask in the beginning if all costs are inclusive of food as well as supplements and any other extras. It can be shocking what the real cost of a diet regimen can be.

They Claim You Can Lose a Pound Per Day

With the right advice, it’s absolutely possible to lose significant weight safely in a short period. However, there’s no way dropping a pound per day is safe. That type of weight loss will put you at great risk of gallstones. which aren’t only painful, but may necessitate surgery. So not only will you get a scar across your midsection, but you will also have a large hospital bill. When advertisers claim you can lose weight at a rate of 3-4 pounds per week, be very cautious in how you proceed. The plan may include constant cardio or consumption of 1200 calories or less per day. Painful fitness experiences like these will most likely result with you failing the weight loss plan all together and gaining the weight you initially lost.

They Provide Personal Trainers with Very Little Background Information

Sometimes gyms, are vague or give you very little to no information on the personal trainers at the facility. This is a huge red flag because it means they are reluctant to take responsibility of their trainer’s actions. Only afterward will you find out that your personal trainer can’t tell you the definition of the word “calorie,” can’t tell the difference between a dumbbell and a heavy rock, and does little more during training sessions than count your reps. Most trainers are not truly qualified and this is how many gyms handle that issue. There are websites that even sell personal training “certificates,” to those who don’t have credentials. Be attentive and be certain your trainer knows what he or she is doing.

They Claim to Have the Best Ab Equipment

This is nonsense. A solid six-pack can be achieved with regular abs exercises in conjunction with a resistance training regimen, a healthy diet, and consistent cardio. Equipment isn’t necessary to transform your abs into a solid six-pack.

In the 90’s, Fitness Quest Inc. was in considerable trouble for their baseless claims about the ab machines they produced. Their claims included that their machine was two times more effective than sit ups, as well as that their other machines were capable of burning “1,000 calories an hour.” Consequently, they were instructed to cease making these claims, or else incur $11,000 penalties for each violation. The reality is that equipment that works your abs may actually result in it taking longer to reach a six-pack.

The American Council on Exercise did a study in 2001 to find the ab exercises that were most effective. The study set TV infomercial ab machines against equipment-less exercises. With EMG equipment (used to evaluate and record electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles) they discovered astonishing things. Most ab exercises which use equipment are not as effective as equipment-less exercises and the most highly effective ab exercises found used no equipment whatsoever. The study found that the “bicycle” is one of the top, most effective exercises. It uses not only the muscle responsible for the six-pack (your rectus abdomonis), but it strengthens your whole core as well. To do the Bicycle correctly, take your fingers and interlace them behind your head while lying on your back. Move your knees in toward your chest and then lift your shoulders off the floor. Straighten your right leg and turn your body left, while moving your right elbow closer

toward your left knee. Then switch sides, taking your left elbow toward your right knee while you extend your left leg. Repeat 12 times.

The FTC does prosecute some fitness scams, but this is not always the case. Often these scamming companies never receive any penalties. File your report with the FTC and BBB in a timely manner if you feel you’re the victim of one of these scams. The sad state of affairs is that too often this will not lead to action by these bureaus, however with enough complaints they may take notice.

So how do you reach the body you desire?

Fitness is a complicated enterprise, but it comes down to the basics- eat well, exercise right, and get sufficient rest. An exercise program should balance cardio and resistance training. Cardiovascular exercise burns more calories a minute, however resistance training, like weight lifting, will increase your metabolism and lead to increased weight burning over the entire day.

Include variety in your diet so you don’t become bored with eating the same things. Make sure your diet contains mostly vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and a lot of lean proteins. Give yourself leniency to indulge in your favorite fatty or sugary foods, so you won’t feel like you’re being deprived. It isn’t sustainable to have a diet that makes you always hungry or stressed out. Your diet should allow enough of a caloric deficit to burn fat and enough proteins to build muscle. It should also include enough fun foods that you can lead a normal life.

Don’t underestimate how important it is to rest, both by getting enough sleep as well as taking exercise breaks. Your muscles need 8 hours of sleep to properly repair. Sleep also helps you have enough work out energy without which your entire exercise plan will suffer. You need some occasional days off without exercise, or else you may over-train and stunt your fitness regimen. That’s a real method to become and stay in shape.

Over many years, I’ve compiled a group of personal trainers who are knowledgeable, experienced and inspirational and most importantly, they make it their goal in life to help people achieve the lifestyle that results in the body they have dreamed of. This rare team of professional trainers know what it takes to get a lean, tone body, and they never deliver sub-par guidance.

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