Top 5 Aerobic Exercises

To lose diet and more, couple exercise with diet. The sequence should be burn the fat first before starving the fat. And what better way to exercise than the weight-reducing aerobics. Aerobics exercises also help the body by providing it with much needed oxygen by increasing your heart rate. Here are top five aerobics exercises that will surely burn body fats.

• Aerobic dance – this exercise is available not only in gyms but also in health clubs everywhere. This makes aerobics exercising a fun activity because it gives it a more creative twist. There are different aerobic dance classes for different levels: beginners and advance.

• Water exercises – is you want a gentler exercise for your joints and bones. It allows you a more regulated workout since the water provides resistance to your movements.

• Rowing – if bodies of water are not present in your area, try the rowing machine in the gym. Not a few fitness experts profess that rowing may yet be the most effective aerobic exercise in weight reduction. If its muscle mass you want, rowing is the answer for you. Most muscles of the body are toned by the aerobic exercise rowing. It burns the most calories.

• Running – is an aerobic workout, like walking, that does not cost a lot. All you need is a good pair of running shoes. And the good thing about running is it is better to do it outside. Joining a gym and is not required. The only setback I know about running is that it does not build muscle mass. Most successful distance runners have tiny bodies. So if its weight-reduction that you want, running is the exercise for you.

• Walking – it is the aerobic exercise that almost all can do. This aerobic exercise is best for pregnant women and overweight men. For matured people, walking is more advisable than running.

However, whatever aerobic activity you opt for, if you do not match it with a healthy diet, all your efforts will be for naught. A healthy diet should work hand in hand with aerobic exercise. It does not only get rid of toxins that are trapped inside the body but also helps in better blood circulation. Also, the success of these aerobic exercises and dieting lies on its consistency. If you do it with a lukewarm attitude, you would be more depressed in the end. Begin these activities with the intent of pushing it through until you reach goal. Boredom would be a major enemy in the continuity of these activities. Mix match your exercises so that they do not become boring. Look for a partner who is willing to join you in your weight-reduction endeavors.

Source by Peter E Thompson

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