Top 7 Fat Loss Tips

Weight loss is most often associated with struggle and some kind of failure. Too many people who fight to lose those extra pounds find that slowly with time all the weight is regained steadily. Those going on rigorous diets find that while it is helpful at that moment, it doesn’t sustain weight loss in the long term.

I listen to the above grievance all the time. Everybody wants to know how to achieve permanent weight loss and believe that I can help them reach their goal.

As a personal fitness trainer, my sole purpose is to help people reach their optimum weight and get rid of the excess. For this reason, I have listed below some very successful top fat loss tips.

1. The first and most important tip for fat loss is exercise. As much as exercise is disliked, for the long term maintenance of weight loss, it is important that you get in at least a 30 minute session every day.

Fortunately for those who are very busy, even 3 sessions of 10 minutes each show the same results. This exercise can include aerobics, walking and other cardio exercises like cycling, sit ups, and floor exercises.

2. Along with exercise, for sustained weight loss it helps to do some weight training. Many people prefer only cardio exercises but weight training has its own benefits. As a Grand Rapids Personal Trainer, I recommend weight training because it helps build muscles, which burn a large number of calories as they are active tissue as opposed to fat.

3. A fat loss tip for long term weight loss is to focus on being healthy as opposed to aiming for thin. By eating healthy, you will remain your optimum body weight instead of avoiding foods in an attempt to look thin.

4. One common reason for weight gain is over-eating. Everywhere ‘super-size’ meals are the fashion and we no longer eat normal-sized portions of food. An easy and top fat loss tip is to not over-stuff you with food. Learn to identify your hunger levels and stop eating when full. Reducing food portions to normal help in weight loss.

5. Controlling food intake to reduce weight is easier if you maintain a record of what you eat daily. Along with this you can also record what your hunger levels were at different times of the day and how much you ate. This will help you regulate your eating and control the intake.

6. Along with the food intake, it helps to understand why you’re overeating. There could be many causes of overeating like stress, loneliness, boredom, anger, guilt, depression etc. Many over-weight people are simply victims of emotional eating.

7. For those struggling with weight loss, I would suggest joining a weight management group. Such groups are very helpful in providing support in your endeavors to lose weight.

The above top fat loss tips have been proven to be successful and have helped many working to shed those extra pounds. Following them diligently will only be beneficial to you in the long run.

Source by David Modderman

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