Triathlon Training Leads to Great Community

Training for a triathlon can be intimidating, especially if it is your first triathlon. You might set a goal of just finishing the triathlon, and not finishing last. You may wonder who might make fun of you or jest at your time. You might wonder if everyone will pass you by and be so much faster than you. The intimidation and fear can be overwhelming and keeps some people from racing at all.

Triathlon training is a great way to achieve fitness goals such as losing weight or improving cardiovascular health. Learning to swim, bike, and run in the most efficient way possible leads to a great amount of research and time. Many people who enter the world of triathlon can become obsessed with the sport. Many people who enter the sport feel that the benefits will be purely physical in nature, but they then discover the incredible community that surrounds the triathlon world.

The traithlon community is a very supportive group of people. The community continuously supports each other in ever increasing ways to finish individual goals. Many times triathlon training can become lonely, but on race day there is such a comaraderie among the participants that becomes infectious. The support of the community is another reason that triathlon racing is the fastest growing sport in America.

The triathlon community also extends to triathlon clubs. In many cities and towns across America there is a local triathlon club. These clubs join together individuals who enjoy participating in triathlon and desire to train together. These clubs offer extra coaching and mutual encouragement. It is not uncommon to see many of these clubs racing at the same event while all wearing the same jerseys. These clubs can help someone to not feel so isolated in such an individual sport.

On race day, the race organizers assemble a group of volunteers to help with passing out water, preparing the start, providing security, and making sure all the racers are taken care of. Not every race is equal in this matter in that some races are more successful in soliciting volunteers than others, but for the most part there are always enough volunteers. These volunteers become a lifeline out on the course for racers as they often will cheer them on as they hand them water or direct them toward the right path. The volunteers are a great source of encouragement on a difficult course on a difficult day.

In any race there are going to be winners and losers. There are going to be those that are lightning fast and those that are not. In each race, however, most of the racers that finish early often became spectators for the other racers. They will cheer them on as they try to finish. Many of these racers will wait until the very last person finishes. The community really tries to surround each competitor with a sense of joy as they finish.

Completing a triathlon, no matter the distance, is a great accomplishment. Every person who completes one should be proud of what they have done. The triathlon community tries to support each racer unlike any other type of endurance race. If you are contemplating competing in a triathlon, do not hesitate to step into this incredible world where there is so much support.


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