Vince Del Monte – Is He the Man to Help You Explode Your Muscle Growth?

If you’ve been searching far and wide for information on muscle building online, then you’ve no doubt at some point come across the name Vince Del Monte.

If you just found yourself asking, “Vince who??”, here’s a bit of background on the man himself.

Author of the best selling online weight gain guide, “No Nonsense Muscle Building”, Vince Del Monte has sold thousands of copies of his award winning guide and helped an army of skinny guys (and girls!) achieve their goal of building their perfect physique.

Starting out as an extremely skinny guy himself (he was a long distance runner! Ever seen how skinny those guys at the Olympics are??), he managed to pack on 40lbs of brawn in the space of 6 months and went on to become a Canadian fitness champion!

If you’re unsure, that is an AMAZING result for such a short space of time. In his program he shares with you ALL of his secrets so that YOU too can emulate his muscle building success. Nothing is left to the imagination and this is exactly what a beginner needs to start building muscle fast!

So, how good is the book really?

Having reviewed Vince Delmonte’s online program, I can honestly say I was impressed (and that doesn’t happen easily!). If you want to see the full review, check it out here

Being a Level 4 personal trainer on the register of exercise professionals, I had my B.S radar on full beam while reading Vince’s guide but there wasn’t anything I found to be questionable and everything he claims is backed up by scientific research. It certainly helps that he is qualified to talk about what he does!

A breath of fresh air in this modern era of online information where everybody claims to be a “guru” with many not ever having stepped into a gym in their lives and lacking qualifications!

Bottom line, if you’re just starting out and/or struggling to build muscle, this is the book that will have you building muscle and turning heads now! Forget wasting your money on the latest and greatest supplement out there (that doesn’t work!) – The most powerful tool you can arm yourself with is knowledge and application of that knowledge!

Get out there and build some muscle!

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