Want to Maximize Your Bodybuilding Workout and Physique? Find Out the Areas Most People Miss!

The most common mistake of bodybuilders in trying to achieve that optimal physique; is to entirely leave out parts of their bodies that should be worked out as well. Most people do not naturally notice this, because they are content with how it looks; however you will find that if you do not ensure a full workout; that your body will look disproportional to what you actually expected.

Here are the most commonly missed and left out regions:

Calves– Almost everyone misses calves; since a lot of people in America seem to naturally have them. However do not mistake their shape for actual muscle; since calves can gain shape from fat. Working out your calves will show off your physique better, as well as ensure that your muscle development and growth is even.

When you body build, if you are doing this to lose weight; you may; however when your body loses weight it doesn’t take fat from a specific area you worked out; but rather it burns fat from all over your body. Thus when you leave out your calf muscles over time, they will deteriorate, become less full in shape; and then you are left with a muscular and fit physique everywhere but there.

Legs– Almost all men miss the legs; in a frantic effort just to get fit with biceps, pecks and other common upper physiques. A man who is large on top, with chicken legs for thighs; will just be the laughing stock of women and other bodybuilders.

Women love a proportional body, and a man who can spend the time to ensure his body gets there; such as in to workout his legs; his thighs, and other regions should be worked out. Regardless of the shape of your thighs now, do not kid yourself that this is muscle; as a lot if it in reality is probably just fat.

The sexiest physique a man can have, would be one where his lower half compliments his top half; so if you have really decked out arm muscles; but then boring thighs and legs; it really wont do much.

Forearms-Yes, a lot of people work their upper arms, and all other regions; but entirely forget this region, for some reason. The result is really small forearms with what seems like bulging balls from the upper arm.

Now, while you may think this shows your muscles more; since your forearms are smaller; this actually just makes you look lazy, and disproportional. Working your forearms gives you strength in your other workouts, as well as evens out your physique.


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