Water Aerobics – A Fun Way To Lose Weight And Get Fit

You can take up water aerobics any time of the year. Usually this exercise is associated with senior citizens, because this is one of the more popular exercises for them. It is also easy for them to do, which is why it is recommend for them.

However, water aerobics is not just for the old at heart. Others can have fun doing it, too. There are other benefits to doing water aerobics, including:

o Cardiovascular fitness

o Strengths muscles

o Prevention of injuries at the joints

Water aerobics are good for those who can not do regular aerobic exercises due to other health issues, such as arthritis. Water aerobics involve moving with rhythm and using dance steps. These movements are done in the water. There are basic, intermediate and advanced exercises that can be implemented. You can use different techniques for your arms and leg movements.

If you are overweight, obese or out of shape, then water aerobics may be for you. If you're not familiar with doing this, then you're better off having an instructor help you. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a piece of cake.

Like any other exercise, even out of the water, you will need to do some warm up exercises. This results in the possibility of injury, stiffness or strain of your muscles. As you get into these exercises, your body will become stronger and flexible. You should also begin to feel more muscular endurance.

Most of your body weight is held up by the water, except about 15 percent worth. This helps your body to end less stress. With aerobic exercises without water, more stress is placed on your body, including your joints.

If you have medical issues with your back and your neck, water aerobics may be for you. The more you do it, the more weight you stand to lose. With any type of aerobics, you can lose weight, but water aerobics is made so that you will have more energy to lose weight.

If you do water aerobics for an hour, you can lose at least 600 calories from your body. This in turn, can help you lose the belly fat you've been longing to get rid of.

There are different exercises you can do in water aerobics, such as:

o Swimming

o Walking

o Jogging

o Running in place

If you decide to venture in the deep end of the pool, make sure you have a flotation device to keep you afloat.

You can find a water aerobics class at different places around town. Some of the best places are public and private pools in your neighborhood. Or contact the YMCA in your area; more than likely they'll have a water aerobics class at their facility. If not there, try a health club.

It's suggested that the temperature of the water be between 82 and 85 degrees. You should be in water that has a comfortable temperature. If the water is too warm, you will not have much energy to exercise. If it's too cold, you can get stiff or experience joint pain. It's best to stay at the shallow end of the pool.

Whatever you decide, do not hesitate to try water aerobics. It's a great weight loss tool and can help you lose some of that fat.

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