Water Aerobics and Hydro-Cycling Classes for Fitness

I've always been an independent exercise type of person, hitting the gym alone or going for a run or bike ride solo, but since I appeared to be needing some reinforcements, I decided to try some of the classes at my health club. I tried several including indoor cycling, aerobics (both low and high level), circuit training, body sculpting, and several more, but the ones that stuck with me were water aerobics and other water based classes like water ballet and yoga and hydro-cycling . Here is what they are and why you may like them too.

First lets mention that I've added these to my arsenal of exercises I enjoy, in my quest to stay at least semi fit and in shape despite a hectic work schedule and lots of little kids at home. My time, just like yours, is limited. These are not additional routines I do; I might do them instead of a run or bike ride for variety.

These all consists of traditional aerobics classes of various types done in the water, usually waist or more deep. They are low impact as the water cushions everything but high impact in that the water makes all movements slower and tougher! These are great for muscle tone and burning a few calories, and if you enjoy the water as I do they can be extremely enjoyable. Overall they are not as intense as land based workouts but of course they can vary very in intensity just like land based workouts. Also due to the slow pace (you must move slowly in water), very little coordination is required.

Some of these classes may be special purpose. For example some are specifically for pregnant women and some are specifically for low mobility seniors. Others welcome anyone. I find them both to be great cross training for my cycling and running pursuits, as well as a great way to do aerobics workout when exhausted or sore from a heavy resistance workout, for example from free weight.

I wear a somewhat old and comfortable bathing suit and that's it. Some people wear a pair of water shoes or old sneakers to prevent from scrapping their feet on the bottom although I have not found that necessary, at least not yet.

I've tried a few different types of classes and enjoyed them all. Next I may try a water running class. Try a few and see what you think. They may become a permanent part of your fitness routine.

Source by Harold Baldwin

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