Water Aerobics and Other Water Exercise

Water aerobics classes are similar standard aerobics but in are performed in the water. It's tougher to move in water due to its resistance and the water also protects you from any impacts. These classes are great for increasing muscle tone and also often recommended as part of physical therapy, for example when recovering from injury or surgery. Other variations include hydospinning, water ballet, and water yoga.

Aerobics are easier in the water and most people do not find them as exhausting. Because water is approximately 12 times thicker than air you move more slowly. Some classes may add equipment like webbed gloves to make workouts harder. Unlike step aerobics or dance workouts, very little coordination is required, and added plus for klutzes like me.

If you are a hardcore swimmer or hardcore aerobics fan, you may find water aerobics boring. If however you are easing back into fitness, this may be a low impact option you enjoy. It's also popular with pregnant women, older people, and anyone with degenerative diseases that make it hard to move on land. You might also love it if you simply love the water like I do, and it's also great cross training for athletes.

There are several levels of classes available ranging from ones for avid aerobics nuts and serious endurance athletes to ones more suitable for octogenarians. I suggest you wear a comfortable bathing suit and consider water exercise shoes or an old pair of sneakers to keep from scraping your feet. Personally I find water aerobics nice for a change of pace and variety in my training routine.

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