Water Aerobics For Weight Loss – Does It Work?

Aerobic exercise involves taking in extra oxygen, and this is really good news for your health. Aerobic exercise conditions your cardiovascular system and helps strengthen your heart, resulting in it not having to work as hard to pump blood around your body. Aerobics is usually set to music and incorporates good rhythm and movement, making aerobics a great cardio workout that is ideal for burning calories and losing weight. There are many types of aerobics which are normally performed in gym classes or by individuals in their homes, in addition to these forms of aerobics there is also water aerobics which is performed in a pool.

What Is Water Aerobics?

As the name suggests, water aerobics is an aerobic workout session that takes place in water. It is sometimes called aqua aerobics and as a rule does not include swimming (although this is an aerobic exercise in itself). During a water aerobics session you will perform exercises while standing up in the pool as well as activities which involve moving around in the pool. These may be classic aerobic activities such as knee raises, jumping jacks, and arm circles in addition to walking or jogging in the water. Weights are often used as well to build muscle mass and the side of the pool can also be utilized as an exercise tool for chin ups and pull ups. You can find water aerobics classes in many good gyms and leisure centers. but what are the benefits to performing aerobics in the water?

What Are The Benefits Of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a really fun and innovative way to enjoy exercise, but it is far more than just an enjoyable splash around. It is a great activity for losing weight, improving your cardiovascular system and building muscle mass. The reason that water aerobics is so effective is because of the natural resistance provided by the water. This forces your body to work harder as it moves through the water, which builds muscle mass and burns more calories. It also provides you with a low-impact workout because the water supports your body weight, this puts less stress on your body and joints in particular compared with more traditional workouts. This is why exercising in the pool is great for older people and as rehabilitation for people returning from injury. Even though you are in the water, you will still get dehydrated during a session and need to take on board plenty of fluids. You must also warm up properly before starting a session, do not just dive straight in and get going.

So why not try water aerobics for weight loss, and enjoy a really fun and unique exercise experience?

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