Water Aerobics – The Perfect Exercise for Seniors

Many activities have become increasingly difficult for seniors as they age and exercise is another one of them. It is reported that many seniors become less active, not just because of ailments, but because of the fear of falling as well. Yet exercise can help seniors stay fit enough to prevent many falls and other injuries.

Seniors can greatly benefit from water aerobics. The water, and a skilled instructor, can help the elderly exercise their full bodies, with effective low impact workouts. Participants can work out at their own comfort and ability levels, improving over time. Most muscle groups are worked thoroughly and without any added strain to the joints, which is a common complaint of regular exercise. Because these exercises are conducted in the water, there is very little chance of falling, or any injury.

Instructors design workouts with music that can vary the tempo, keep the momentum and energy levels up and vary the intensity of certain workouts. Working out in the aerobics class with friends is an added social bonus as the elderly are more likely to continue to participate when they have the camaraderie of people they know. The more fun they have the more often they will return and make exercise a regular routine.

The health benefits of water aerobics for seniors can be incalculable as muscles are strengthened, circulation is improved, brain function is improved, stress levels are reduced, blood pressure is reduced and the body benefits overall from the activity. Even those in varying stages of recovery from ailments can experience improved health and faster healing.

Water aerobics for the elderly are offered at many community swimming pools and YMCA's across North America. Nursing homes, and assisted living facilities also offer some of these forms of activities and exercise classes.

Source by DJ Hughes

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