Weight Belts and Body Building Tips

If you are into the whole body building thing then you know that you do not and you should not lift weights without a weight belt. These belts are essential when it comes to lifting weight because they support your back. Without your back supported you can not lift weights it is as simple as that. So in this article weight belts and body building you will learn why you need a weight belt and what it does for you and also what kind of weight belt you can get that is right for you.

There are a couple of different weight belts that you can buy. Your personal trainer or someone at a sporting goods store would be someone great to ask about brand names and which belt would be great to use for you. But there are basically a couple of different kinds of belts that you can look for before buying a belt. There is the four inch belt that most everyone uses and it is good for weight lifting up to 500 pounds. A weight belt that is 6 inches in the back and then tapers to 3 inches on the sides and then widens again to 4 inches in the front is really good for taller individuals. All weight belts come with a buckle and a strap so that you can be assured that it will fit you perfectly.

Weight belts are meant to fit tightly if they are not tight they do not support your back correctly making it basically pointless without it is tight. But be careful because wearing a belt to tight can raise your blood pressure so if you have high blood pressure or if you are new to lifting weights and should absolutely ask a doctor before you start weight lifting and wearing a weight belt .

So a must in weight lifting is wearing a weight belt which will support your back and reduce the pressure on the lower back. It also can reduce compression on the spinal disks by as much as 50%. For both your backs health and your safety wear a weight belt when lifting, this is why they were invented. These weight belts can also prevent hypertension when doing overhead lifts so this is another reason you should wear a weight belt. So get a weight belt when body building, your back will thank you.


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