Weight Loss, Bodybuilding, and Exercise Tips – Keeping Your Body-fat Low; Part 3 of 10

My name is Greg Ryan. I am a fitness expert, professional bodybuilder, personal, trainer to movie stars, former employee of Kathy Smith and over 50,000 hours of paid personal training sessions under my belt. For the last twenty years I have been able to continuously make progress, stay consistent and have some fun in my quest to be in better shape. One very important technique you need to learn is how to monitor your heart rate. I have been able to keep my body fat low for years because I am efficient not because I know it all. Here is what I mean:

Low Body Fat Technique # 3: The Shock Affect

People quit exercise programs for two reasons: boredom and lack of results. Let's
look at one way of curbing both reasons for not following through on an exercise
program and how to keep your body fat levels low.

Ever drive the same way to work each morning? Ever order basically the same foods
every time you eat out? Ever sit in the same area at the movie theater? Humans are
creatures of habit. Our exercise programs are treated no differently. One simple
solution to low body fat levels is incorporating variety into your daily workouts.

You see I believe your body after about two months on the same program gets so
use to the order of exercises, the level of effort of the treadmill and the type of
equipment you use that it adapts. Similar to what your body dies when taking

So what do you do? It does not have to be some huge change in your workout
program. Here are ten suggestions:

1. Change the order of your weight training exercises, keeping the larger muscle
groups first.

2. Never do the same cardio piece of equipment two days in a row.

3. Alternate your intensity levels of your workouts each time.

4. Alternate your rep ranges each time.

5. Do weights before cardiovascular training every so often.

6. Workout at different times of the day.

7. Listen to different music once on a while.

8. Change the accessories of the equipment once in a while – Handles

9. Change workout places on occasion.

10. Change your program up every ten weeks.

No matter what it is your body gets use to the routine. Change it up and change
your body fats.


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