Weight Loss – If You Want To Look Years Younger Do Weight Training

There are two common misconceptions woman have when they hear weight training. First they think they are going to have to go to the gym and start “pumping iron,” and second they think they are going to “get buff,” meaning they’ll develop “big” muscles. Let’s put these myths to rest. First, you don’t have to lift anything if you don’t want to – many yoga poses are considered weight training, and second, women do not have enough testosterone in their body to develop big guy muscles, so stop worrying!

What weight training can do for you is give you a leaner, firmer body. You see muscle burns more calories and therefore you will be able to burn fat easier if you have a few muscles. And being toned, makes you look younger. We aren’t talking big muscles, rather what we are talking about is firm arms, some definition in the legs such as the calves, and just an overall look of fitness. So what type of weight training should you use? Glad you asked.

There are many different types of weight training works outs. We’ll look at four popular methods that require little or no investment in equipment by you. Remember you can mix and match weight training. The key is that you do it and that you work all your muscle groups.

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance band exercises are popular because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and effective. They are perfect for an at home weight training program. It is a great way to strengthen specific certain muscle groups. It’s also a great way to target smaller muscle groups that are harder to target. Resistance bands are color-coded which indicates how stiff they are. You can start light and build if you’ve never done any weight training. The bands are very affordable.

Hand Weights At The Gym

You can join a gym a use the hand weights there or you can spend a little and buy your own set of dumbbells. They are very affordable and then you can work out at home. Hand weights will tone and shape you giving you total fitness. They begin at as low as 0.5 kg and go up from there. They are perfect for developing skeletal muscles. Hand weights will tone and develop muscles. You aren’t going to get huge buff muscles. What you will get is shapely muscles, less body fat.

Challenging Yoga Positions

Few, realize that yoga can be a form of weight training, especially some of the more challenging positions. The difference with eastern types of workouts is that it isn’t just about physical stimuli. It involves the connection of the mind with the workout. The great thing about yoga is that you do not require any additional equipment. You just need your mind and body.

Using Your Own Body Weight

Another easy method of weight training that involves no cost is to use your own body weight. For example sit-ups, calf stretches, abs, and wall sits to name just a few. The key here is the resistance against your own body.

Just a little weight training will do plenty for you. It will firm and tone you taking years off the way you look, it will make you happier, it will help you lose those extra pounds, and the great thing is the equipment you need is little or none. So now that you know what weigh training can do for you are you ready to get busy?


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