Weight Loss in Women: The Importance of Weight Training

Weight training is important for everyone looking to improve their health and overall fitness levels. Weight training allows the skeletal muscle to develop in strength and size. Resistance training allows for the development of lean muscle in particular. Lean muscle development is the single best way to lose weight and keep it off. For long term weight loss in women, the importance of resistance training is stressed.

Women usually shy away from weight training because they are afraid of bulking up which only depends on the type of weight training implemented. Most weight training for women is for the purpose of building lean muscle which allows women to lose weight faster and burn more calories than regular non intensive exercise.

In addition to losing weight faster, resistance training allows women to build a stronger cardiovascular system and a stronger immune system which will allow women to battle sickness and disease successfully and keep sickness and disease away.

Another benefit of weight training is to strengthen bones and fight against osteoporosis which is especially important for women who start losing bone mass from the late thirties onwards with increased bone loss occurring after menopause. Weight training helps you fight and win the battle against bone loss.

The importance of weight training or resistance training in women can not be underestimated. Women and men have a different biomechanical system which means that women have to work twice as hard in order to have the same results as men. Testosterone allows men to generate more force and build more muscle.

By implementing a resistance training program, women will be able to enjoy faster weight loss since lean muscles burns more calories per day. Metabolism determines the amount of calories burnt per day. Some people naturally have fast metabolism while others do not. A fast metabolism usually leads to maintaining a proper weight. The single best way to increase metabolism and burn fat faster is to build lean muscle. In order for the muscle to grow, more calories have to be burned which leads to weight loss.

The other benefit of adding resistance training is that even after the exercise, calories will continue to burn for a few hours more than if you use a low impact exercise program. This is because during the rest period after each weight training workout, the muscles need to be repaired and to grow and in order to do this, the stored fat reserves will need to be used up which leads to more and faster weight loss than you would achieve if you do not incorporate weight training.

With any weight training program, proper form and technique is important in order to avoid injury and serious damage. Although you should not feel any pain when strength training, the muscle has to be stressed in order to build the lean muscle. Tools such as dumbbells, resistance bands, weight machines, etc can be used to achieve and build lean muscle.

Simply maintaining low calorie and low carb diets will not help you achieve long term weight loss and proper fitness. Resistance training will allow women to achieve greater and longer term weight loss and improve overall health. This allows women to lose weight and keep it off the right way.


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