Why Aqua Aerobics Can Be Good For You?

Aqua aerobics, alternatively called hydro aerobics, aqua exercise, water aerobics, water exercise, or water workouts, provides a fantastic cardio workout without the attendant risks of injury of a normal workout at the gym.

Simply put, it's the performance of aerobic exercises in water.

It is usually performed in shallow water and is often done to music. Aqua aerobics has been recommended for people of all ages and those recuperating from mild injuries and other health conditions due to water's therapeutic effects.

Aqua aerobics provides an exhilarating workout for the heart and the lungs as well as tones and strengnthens the muscles.

Because we tend to be lighter in water due to its buoyancy , even elderly adults and extremely overweight individuals can move freely. In fact, one burns calories much more easily in water than on land.

Walking on land burns 135 calories in half
an hour while walking in deep water (for the same
period) burns 264 calories

Pregnant women benefit most from aqua aerobics.

Since a lot of weight is gained during pregnancy, many women find it difficult to do even light workouts with the added load around their bellies. Even if they could, there is a high risk of injuring the back, the hips, or some other body part. In addition, they can not get the cardio they need because they may tend to be too cautious.

In water, a 130-lb pregnant woman may feel like she only weighs 13 lbs . due to the buoyancy that water provides. As a result, women can perform movements that are otherwise difficult to do on land.

Aqua aerobics develops good circulation, slows down the heart rate, and puts very little stress on your bones, muscles, and joints.

Organizing an Aqua Aerobics Class:

If classes are not offered in your area, you can round up some of your friends and get your own instructor. All you'll need as personal equipment are a swimsuit, swim caps, aqua shoes, and a foam kickboard (optional).

First, discuss your objectives with the instructor.

For senior adults, a warm-up period must be included before diving into the more strenuous exercises. Methods that use flotation devices such as kickboards are effective. Also include exercises that would work both fine motor movements as well as the large muscles.

Your group can also include heart rate monitoring.

Music is necessary to keep the classes spirited and in sync. You can take turns choosing the type of music you prefer – pop, Broadway, country, Big Band – the possibilities are limitless.

It would also be more effective for the instructor to stay on the deck for the participants to get a better view of what he or she is doing. It will also give him or her a chance to see if everyone is on course.

All in all, an aqua aerobics class should be something that the women would look forward to each time they meet. Apart from the physical benefits that they receive, there is also a great possibility that students will leave the class de-stressed and relaxed because of water's legendary healing powers.

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