Why I Did not Jump From the Empire State Building

I just wanted to touch on a breakthrough of mine with arthritis. All I can tell you is I have been able to quit pain pills altogether and now go to a dance aerobic class.

This would have been unthinkable several years ago. The only thing I am selling is a bit of free education on what really works. I might suggest some complementary products down the road but chances are you will not be able to even absorb those properly until you educate yourself and address some life style changes.

What is Arthritis? What are the causes? Arthritis has become more epic around the world. It is a chronic disease that becomes worse if not curtailed and hopefully reversed. There are at least 100 different types of Arthritis. I propose the Arthritis Foundation is a great place to start out researching the basics about this disease and its many variant forms.

I have researched many medical journals. Years ago I had very good medical insurance and had the best specialist. I was diagnosed with three forms of Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I was on three different medications to help manage the increasing pain I lived with. I was at the "throw myself in front of a bus" stage when a friend recommended I read a book. She placed the book in my hands and said, "Nancy, there is valuable information in here; we will talk after you read it."

Right away I started reading a wonderful book called "Dead Doctors Do not Lie ", by Joel Wallach. It was a quick read and it wave me hope. I will offer a short abstract on the book: Joel was a veterinarian and noticed arthritis in some live stock …

He said that since animals do not have "Blue Cross Blue Shield". Ranchers, and zoos, and other keepers of animals, will try to find the cheaper remedies to maintaining healthy animals. He will tell you many eye opening accounts of doing autopsies on animals and finding the cause of death to be a disease thought only to be human.

For instance, he found a baby monkey with Cystic Fibrosis. But, I was mainly interested in what he found to be a "cheap" cure for Arthritis.

He said, you probably will not find arthritis in children … but there are exceptions. Children absorb pretty well what they eat. And the smaller the animal, the less likely they are to have it. Full grown pigs develop arthritis. So Joel Wallach developed what he calls the "Pig Formula" for human consumption. The problem is calcium / mineral deficiencies. Let me repeat that last concept, calcium / mineral deficiency is the cause of many problems within the animal and human population.

Is it that easy to just add a great source of calcium to ones diet and then be relieved of years of suffering? In theory, yes, but there are some bargains to how quick this will be. There is a major overhaul needed with diet and life style changes.

Find a good source of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D compound that you can absorb. Chewable is good. Colloidal is good. Also, if plant derived minerals are added and they are ironic, you have more bio accessibility.

And no it is not cow's milk. I am laughing about all the diary campaigns out there. Diary is not the best source of calcium. In fact, I am quite lactose intolerant so I eat very little diary.

Absorption is a problem with minerals and just about everything. Our intestines just do not work well as we age. There are many reasons for that. The diet we eat, the preservatives that will also pickle our insides. There are a host of other reasons.

A big cause is probably due to all wheat gluten in our diets. And lack of good fiber too. None of us process the wheat protein called gluten very well. Our natural enzymes just can not break it down. In my case I am also Celiac and have wrecked my intestines with years of infection and damage. Celiac is a new discovery for me and I will not touch on it with this article but will do that in the next article I write.

So with arthritis it is not easy to reverse because you must cleanse your intestines and help your intestines get ready to absorb the minerals and vitamins you need.
I do take several good calcium products. One is Osteo FX … by Youngevity.

I am not going to tell you this is the only good nutritional support for calcium, vitamins and minerals out there … there are others. I just happened to think this one is really good and I have tried others.

My arthritis pain was about 60% less in about one month. I have been taking it for two years now.

I have a bad report too. I ran out of it. And got low on money. I went without it for about 2 months and then slowly started getting all my aches and pains back. They were not screaming as loud as before … but … that old achy arthritis was was starting to reappear … so yes, just found that money … made it a priority … and got back on it. Moral to that story is yes, it works for me and lots of others.

In conclusion, education is vital to reversing Arthritis. There is so much dis- information on the subject. There is quite a bit of suppression by the "Big Pharma" Industry. I used to be shocked to learn the small independent research and natural cures are such a threat to the medical industry. Now, I just yawn, and say, of-course. I developed a web site for discussion and education only. On that site I am trying to get the word out. It is my humble opinion that much more needs to be said about easy natural cures. I hope you will grow with me in my research.

Source by Nancy Lake

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