Why Women Love Male Athletes

Do you ever wonder why women drool over hot male athletes? It may be individual or team sports, who cares! These athletes know for a fact that they are gorgeous and that we women think they are like sweet rock candy.

The captain of the basketball team in high school, the ever-so-good looking quarterback, the dashing golf player, and the well-defined pitcher, in high school they all achieved the not so elusive affection of young females and captured the heart of the beautiful girls effortlessly.

Girls just can not get enough of them. Why?

Let's get straight to the point. We always thought of jocks as winners in what we considered the most important areas, that is physically and socially. This mindset is still observed nowdays.

The strong, tough image is for women the ideal representation of power and masculine physical beauty. We must not forget the celebrity standing that goes together with being a champion. So what's the problem? Do not we all just adore nine pack male abs? Of course we do, but there is more.

The buff studs symbols strength and security along with vitality. He is our knight in shining armor. It's not that we have anything against soft, slim men or the lovable teddy bear types. Even our chic and fashion forward metro-sexual friend who has effectively merged masculinity with sophisticated trends does not quite measure up. Because we really have to ask. During tough times and trying moments do we really want a guy who can empathize or someone who is strong and burly enough to rise to the occasion and win the game of life?

We want someone who is man enough to lift us above the burden of financial crisis that might weigh us down, who just will not quit, who will take as opposed to give chances and who believes he has the power to overcome any obstacle.

In these trying economic times the athletic type symbolizes the strength and superiority that makes us feel secure, safe and well taken care of. The likes of Tom Brady, Gabe Kapler or Matt Leinart are much preferred over the sexy male model with a handsome face who is probably more vain than his female counterpart.


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