Wii Fit Vs Regular Exercise – 3 Critical Thoughts on Wii Fit

Can the Wii fit replace regular exercise? .. This is the question many people are wondering when they're about to buy a Wii fit. In this article you will find some of the answers you might have regarding the Wii fit. Is the balance board really worth your money, or is it better to go with a gym subscription?

Not Motivated Enough?

If you're not motivated enough to go out and jog or go to the gym for example, then purchasing a Wii fit can be a good idea. It's much better to do something, rahter than nothing. But do not get the idea that the Wii fit can replace real exercise. Take an aerobics class for example: An aerobic class 3 times per week versus Wii fit aerobics every day is still a big difference. The aerobics class will outperform the Wii fit quite easily. This is because at the aerobics class you will have the "power of the group" so to speak. You will work harder when you see other people working harder. Also, the aerobics exercises on the Wii fit is pretty light in comparison and you do not know if you are doing an exercise the right way .. (Yes you can cheat with a Wii fit).

BMI is a Vague Indicator of Health

The BMI, or Body Mass Index who is used in the Wii fit is actually a very poor indicator of good health. I have a friend who has the perfect body, lots of muscles, and without a trace of fat on his body. According to the BMI he lands somewhere between 26 to 27, and that's overweight according to BMI. And then I have another friend who is pretty tall and have a few pounds of fat on his body. He lands on 23 on the BMI scale and therefore is believed to be in perfect shape. But you can easily tell that there is a big difference in health between the two.

Do not rely on BMI to assess your health. In my eyes it's a very outdated technique to calculate your current health. There are way better techniques to find out if you have a healthy body or not. For example, at the gym were I used to workout there was a type of machine that could measure your body composition. It would tell you both the percent and the actual weight of: fat, water, muscles, and bones. It did this by sending a small electrical current through your body. It was very useful, because you knew exactly what you needed to work on.

Do You Realize That You Are Exercising

A big big plus for the Wii fit is that it removes the sensation that you are exercising. Instead you believe that you are playing a game and are having fun. This can be the difference for many people to exercise or not exercise. If you are having fun. The exercise goes a lot easier and the folks at Nintendo have mad a great job here making Wii fit very fun. However, a few exercises are so easy that I really doubted that they would do any good.


Personally I would save my money and buy a 4 month subscription to my local gym. The benefits are many. I get to meet lots of new people who are trying to get healthy, I can get help from the instructor at the gym if I have any questions, The exercises are more demanding, and I get a pinch of fresh air every time I'm riding my bike to the gym.

But as I stated above, It's better to do something rather than nothing. If my motivation was close to zero, or if I had to rehab myself from an injury, then my choice would probably be a bit different.

The secret success with Wii fit is to not get bored playing the same game over and over. You need new challenges to keep going and new games to try out. There are a handful of games that have incorporated the use of the Wii fit balance board, the nunchuk and the Wii remote. They are not many but a few exists. These games are not 100% weight-loss games. Some are regular games like snowboarding, skateboard, boxing, and cheerleading for example. Here is list of current and newly released Wii fit games .

The best thing you can do is to do something. Remember: Neglecting your body is to be a "no-body", and honoring your body is to be a "some-body ".

Source by Dave Sodergren

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