Women's Strength Training – The Importance of Training With Intensity!

Yes, ladies I am addressing you and you only in this article. I have had to break down many barriers with women when it comes to fitness and strength training. I constantly find myself repeating the same thing over and over with skeptical women when it comes to my fitness and strength program. My philosophy on training is not a philosophy based on blind guessing. It has come from years of studying, training, coaching, compiling a series of principles, experiences, and field tested measures that have been backed up with scientific fact!

Years and years of training, education, and experience pretty much bleed the same result when it comes to people. If you really want something and are willing to make the sacrifice for it no matter what then you will succeed. The question I usually get bombarded with from women has to do with training intensity. Intensity is a good thing. If you have read any of my past material then you know the importance of body tension when it comes to building strength. You should then also know the importance of raising ones' level of perceived exertion when it comes to burning fat and weight-loss. Knowing these 2 particular variables training intensity accomplishes both! If you lift a heavier weight your body reacts to the load by tensing up. You also exert yourself more when you do tense up, therefore you speed up your heart-rate and blood pressure and burn more calories. An example could be deadlifting a heavier weight, swinging a bigger kettlebell, or utilizing your own body-weight to increase your INTENITY.

Now please use this lesson to apply to your personal strength program. If you do and plan your training program well I promise you will get those results! The only thing that I ask from you is that if I can make you this promise that you will make me your promise by telling your girlfriends.


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