Workout Balls Get Results

Workout balls, also known as exercise balls, have been around for a number of years. They used to be only used by exercise gurus and fitness experts, but today you can find these workout balls in practically every professional gym and in many home gyms.

The exciting thing about using a ball is that there are so many different exercises from which to choose. In addition to becoming stronger and better toned, the workout ball is also great for weight loss in the exercises done help burn calories. The following are some of the best options for using ball exercises. Being consistent in using the workout ball will allow you to achieve your goals. You can find a long list of great exercises specific to the ball online!

Crunches and Twists

For toning the stomach muscles, these are the best exercises. In addition, crunches and twists will help with better posture while doing the various bends. With this, the workout ball promotes significant muscle movement, which is ideal for building a nice four or six-pack.

To get started, lay down on the ball, keeping the feet flat on the floor and about one foot or so away from the ball to help with balance. At this point, you should lean back and place the middle of your back directly on the exercise ball. Put your fingers on your forehead and perform crunches slowly and twist when you reach the seated position. Return to the original position and start over, doing two sets, each of eight repetitions.

Sit Around

Another great option for ball exercises specifically for beginners is called the Sit Around. This simply sitting on the ball while moving around in small increments. The goal here is to slowly start using new muscles and stretching but to also help you learn the balance required for more difficult exercises.


With ball exercises, you can also do pushups. Choose a small ball and place the hands on the middle portion of the ball to gain balance. From there, simply do regular pushups. These may seem hard at first, and will definitely take some time to master, but you will see much greater results versus conventional pushups on the floor.

Bicep Curls

Finally, even sitting on the workout ball and doing bicep curls is a great way to benefit the back and abs too. While doing curls, you have to maintain proper balance, which works many areas of the body.

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